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charlottesville, richmond. had a couple of sprinkles near us this morning. most of that is on the eastern shore. this is probably the last time we'll look at doppler radar this morning. temps warm and muggy. 72347 annapolis. martinsburg is 66 with 70 in winchester and 73 la plata. we're going into the low 90s in most spots this afternoon. tomorrow's highs about the same. >> a couple of water main breaks and slow traffic forming in the 6:00 hour. good morning, everybody. first of all if you're planning to head inbound i-66 through arlington you'll be fine but there is a water main break on south courthouse roadblocked between columbia pike and 6th street. you'll have to work your way around that for quite some time with the road buckled as well. if you're planning to head over here, no problems to report as you travel inbound right now on kenilworth avenue and eastern avenue. this is going to be in the northeast corridor.
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let's go back over to the maps and this time we'll head over to the other side of town. no problems on the bw parkway or route 50 inside the beltway through cheverly. we're looking great as we travel through the northeast corridor and into the downtown area. we'll take a look back outside live again. no problems to report again if you're planning to head over to the other side of town on our mdot camera. no problems heading over here 207 in clarksburg down to the point where the lanes divide. i'll be back with more traffic once again in a few minutes. >> thank you. this morning a vow not to forget. the 12 people killed in friday's shooting at a movie theater in aurora, colorado. thousands turned out last night for a vigil and memorial for those who died. president obama visited with families of those who were killed and some of the people injured in the shooting. >> when you have an opportunity to visit with families who have lost their loved ones as i
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described to them i come to them not so much as president as i do as a father and as a husband. and i think the reason stories like this have such an impact on us is because we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> colorado governor john higgen looper drew a -- hickenlooper grew a big round of suspect when he refused to mention the suspect by name. the suspected killer is due in court later this morning and we are learning more about him. >> it's given some of us the creeps actually. zeal deal joins us with -- delia goncalves joins us with that part of the story. >> reporter: we're hearing from family members and old friends of james holmes. he was a gifted kid, a student at the university of colorado, a phz. contradict that with this story that we have for you, it was
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the mere sound of his voice that led a gun club owner that we just spoke to to warn his employees about this 24-year- old. back on june 25, james holmes e- mailed an online application to a private gun club outside of denver in which he said he's not a drug user or a convicted felon. the owner called holmes three times to discuss his application. holmes never called back. our andean mccarren is in colorado. the message was very disturbing describing the voice as low, guttural, freakish even. he immediately told his staffers to not let holmes in to a july 1 orientation. >> one of my staff members called and said hey, what was the name of that person that you flagged for us? once that james holmes? i said yes. they said well, that's the name of the shooter. my main reaction was thank you, lord, for not giving him to us so we didn't have to have that
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problem. >> we also learned holmes purchased $300 worth of tactical equipment prior to the shooting. we contacted that company and a spokesperson said they're shocked and appalled their equipment was used in the massacre. it touches so many folks. >> not to mention what he spent on guns and ammunition. >> and trapping his amount. a very sophisticated attack. >> very well thought out. out of respect to the victims of the shooting, the movie industry delayed its announcement of box office results till today. but "the new york times" reports the "the dark knight rises" made about $162 million over the weekend. that's a bit short of estimates. movie studios will not speculate publicly if the shooting had anything to do with that. stay with us for continuing coverage of the shootings in colorado. coming up at 7:00, cbs this morning will take a look at how the aurora community is trying to move on. and the politics of gun control are coming into play.
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right now at, learn more about the victims and sign our condolences board to leave your own message. it is 6:05 right now. in just a few hours, the ncaa is going to announce its penalties against the penn state athletic department. >> a lot of people talking about this. it won't be hit with a so- called death penalty for mishandling the jerry sandusky case but the punishment will be harsh. >> andrew spencer has a preview. >> reporter: the ncaa said it's holding a news conference in indianapolis today to announce corrective and punitive measures against penn state university. a source familiar with the case says penn state will be hit with fines of more than $30 million. meanwhile, the 900-pound bronze statue of long-time coach joe paterno who died from lung cancer six months ago was removed from outside the campus stadium sunday. about a hundred people looked on as the statue was removed, put on a forklift and driven
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through the stadium. the statue now being stored in a security location became a source of division and an obstacle to healing. some fans mourn the loss. >> this isn't fixing the problem. this is pretty much just drawing attention away from people who should be taken maybe more responsibility and blame. >> reporter: one fan brought his own fill-in. >> the only thing i knew i could do was in protest bring my cardboard joe up here and give people a chance to still see joe. >> reporter: the paterno family issued a statement saying, quote, tearing down the statue of joe paterno does not serve the victims of jerry sandusky's horrible crimes or help heal the penn state community. we believe the only way to help the victims is to uncover the full truth. i'm andrew spencer for 9news now. >> our scott broom is heading to state college, pennsylvania today to get reaction about the penalty being handed down by the ncaa and we will have coverage tonight right here on 9news now. make sure also you can get
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updates all day long on from your computer or even your mobile device, even follow us on twitter. three people are recovering this morning after a deck collapsed at a home in loudoun county. this happened yesterday afternoon at a home along loyalty road. that's just north of leesburg. authorities say part of the deck swung out towards the ground throwing people off of it. none of the people hurt suffered life-threatening injuries. commuters, metro's ride on bus service is going to run on a modified holiday schedule both today and tomorrow so you might have to wait a little longer for your bus this morning. montgomery county executive mike leggett pulled 23 buses last week after a bus fire. it was the latest of a series of bus offices that use components from champion bus and navastar. the regularly schedule is expected to be back in force on wednesday. the time is 6:07. the international aids conference is going on this week right here in washington,
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d.c. in five minutes hear from people who say there's a long way to go in this fight against the disease. >> after a dreary weekend, the heat is coming back. howard has the numbers in your weather first straight ahead. >> what is your biggest pool pet peeve? for most of us we hate those chair hogs. 84% of people surveyed by trip advisor say they get angry when people save chairs by throwing their belongings, maybe the towel on top. it's the number one violation of pool etiquette. other bad behavior includes blasting loud music and smoking. >> when they say people violating the pool rules, 31% say they speak up. they have asked a stranger to stop their -- 83% of people say others violate rules often. ♪
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looks like we're going to heat up some today. we could see an isolated sprinkle in a couple of spots. look for partly sunny and mostly cloudy skies. a chance of a storm this afternoon. highs getting up into the low 90s. thank you so much. we're going to take a live look on the northbound side of i- 395. traffic still moving well through landmark to the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open here. i'll be back with more traffic in a few minutes.
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back to you. here's a check of some of the stories making news. at least 11 people are confirmed dead after a pickup truck crashed in texas. 12 others were hurt. everyone was in a single truck when it went off the road and crashed into two trees about a hundred miles south of san antonio. the cause of this crash still under investigation. serious neighbors are offering a safe exit to president bashar el-assad if he steps down. the arab league said it would give assad and his family asylum if he ends the civil war in his country and would also give $100 million to the people who are fled the country. the bullied bus monitor has received more than $700,000 in donations. a youtube video of middle schoolers harassing karen kline went viral. a online fund-raiser was originally set up to give her a vacation. she hasn't said what she's going to do with all that money. 19th international aids
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conference is under way. >> it's the first time it's been held right here in washington. on sunday people rallied to renew attention to the threat of global health. >> surae chin was on the national mall and reports why d.c. has a lot at stake in this. >> reporter: the march on washington is happening in the city with the highest rate in the country with people living with h.i.v. just under 3%. that number jumped to more than twice as many among black men. >> it was a very traumatic experience. for me i think i was in the sixth grade at the time. >> reporter: cef inbreckenridge lost his -- kevin breckenridge lost his uncle to aids. 80% of aids patients in the district are black men. >> the family doesn't talk about it a lot until something like this comes up. he died way too early. he was in his 30s. >> reporter: the rally reminds people of the urgency for action while it empowers others. >> i have nothing to be ashamed about. h.i.v. and aids is still affecting and infecting people.
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>> reporter: for a quiet reflection, people are visiting the aids memorial equipment, a reminder of too many lives lost. >> a lot of people have forgotten that all these people died. >> reporter: mark wassen was told he was h.i.v. positive 17 years ago this month. >> i was told that i was going to get infections in two years and die in five. and that luckily did not happen. >> it connects me with these people who have died. it reminds me that it's just as deadly a disease as it ever was. >> reporter: but there's exciting new research and drugs that gives those living with this deadly disease hope. >> drugs are what's keeping me alive right now. >> reporter: global leaders will be meeting all week. kevin is hoping they'll talk about prevention and the continuation of funding treatment so that more people aren't added to this quilt or end up like his uncle. on the national mall, surae chainn, 9news now-- >> chinn, 9news now. >> conference planners are
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doing more to get more people involved. they're using social media to reach out to a younger audience. time is 6:15. break out the flip-flops yet again. another hot one in the forecast. >> most of this week i think we're going to be in the 90s. wednesday is your day where you're going to enjoy a little less humidity. upper #s on. mark the calendar -- upper 80s. mark the calendar. today it's a sticky, muggy start. i hate to tell you that. maybe one of those bad hair days. our day planner, starting off 70s this morning. very humid out there. 77 by 8:00. by lunch time i think we'll be in the upper 80s with a mix of clouds and sunshine. some clouds early. then the threat for some thunderstorms in a few spots later on this afternoon and this evening with a high around 93. an 8:00 p.m. temperature still up there with the humidity at 88 degrees. this morning's radar, had a little batch of showers, light ones come across the region now on the eastern shore. the other showers we're watching in hoe owe and west -- ohio and west virginia, they're
6:16 am
tracking towards charlottesville and richmond perhaps. nothing terribly heavy at this hour. temperatures in a few areas like reston in the 60s with manassas and lovettsville 60. most areas are in the lower to mid-70s. upper marlboro, crofton 71. bethesda 73 and 47 in -- 74 in alexandria. we've got cloudy skies here in tysons corner this morning. visibility down a little bit. humidity way high. 91%. and the winds not much, southwest at 6 miles an hour. there's a lot of hot air in the middle of the country. it's going to try and sneak in here. better cluster of storms southwestern michigan, northern indiana. so we watch upstream to see what will head our way for the afternoon. you can see on the big picture the ridge of high pressure which is sitting right in the middle of the country with these showers and thunderstorms. i want to show you the futurecast because as we get into the afternoon, we're probably okay through lunch time, even early afternoon but
6:17 am
want you to watch up in pennsylvania how these showers and storms get a little more active here. 5:00 notice showers toward the metro. maybe some heavier ones hagueerstown toward -- hagerstown toward winchester. overnight another batch of showers tries to come through north and east of d.c. then on tuesday looks like south and west of town has a better chance of showers and storms here than north and east, but wednesday looking nicer. so because the threat of storms will be with us today and tomorrow, yellow alert days. temperatures on the hot side. 93 today. 70 tonight with 94 tomorrow. for wednesday nice. 89. should be really a very fine mid summer day on wednesday but back into the high heat thursday at 98, afternoon storm. friday 96, afternoon storms. a few storms saturday 91. i think sunday right now going to keep my fingers crossed and tell you a dry day with a high near 90. right now 6:17. monika samtani, got a couple of issues working. just a couple of issues.
6:18 am
no major deals i'm happy to say. i'm going to start off with arlington where you do have a water main break and you'll have to work your way around this right now which blocks south courthouse road between columbia park and 6th street in arlington. 66 is fine inside the beltway. we'll go outside the beltway on 66 and show you what it looks like here in centreville. you're going to hit the brakes a time or two leaving manassas into centreville but it's incident free this morning. just a little incident here on the shoulder but really not affecting traffic too much. we'll take you back over to the maps and this time all the way to the north side of town. coming in on 95 from baltimore no problems. route 29 looks great. the bw parkway same thing in the fort meed area and out of columbia on route 32 as well. we'll take a live look on the beltway university boulevard. outer loop still moving well leaving the 95 interchange heading west toward silver spring. no issues to report. i'll be back with more traffic this time on 270 at 6:25. >> thank you, monika. the time right now is 6:18. next in sports, some good news and some bad news for the
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nationals. plus, history is made at the british open. >> right now time to get another look at the question of the morning. according to a study out of berlin, people look younger when they do one of these things. is it a, whiten their teeth, b, smile, or c, exercise. >> facebook friend billy says it is all of the above and more. his way to look young? eat hillfully, take care of your body while smiling and leading a happy life. >> keep posting your guesses on our facebook page. we'll have the answer at 6:48. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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welcome back. 6:2 it on this monday morning. the muggies are back in a big way. the sprinkles from overnight are now on the eastern shore and pretty few and far between. get ready for the humidity and maybe a storm this afternoon and hotter temps. here's your day planner. we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine. by lunch time temperatures in the upper #s on. look for -- upper 80s. look for highs in the low 90s with a chance of late afternoon
6:23 am
and evening thunderstorms. this morning the nationals lead over the braves in the nl east is just as big as it was friday morning. three and a half games. >> which is a good thing considering the disaster this weekend could have been following friday night's big loss. >> d.c. and atlanta wrapped up the four-game series yesterday. ryan zimmerman had a huge day. he blasted two home runs. there's one right there. this shot in the 3rd made it 5- 0 nationals. guide they call shark came up big. roger bernadino racked up a pair ever runs. ian desmond will officially go on the injured list. he has a torn oblique muscle. that's good news actually because it won't require surgery. the bad news is he will be out for a few weeks. if you love golf, chances are you should be talking about
6:24 am
this morning ernie els becoming the oldest player ever to win the british open. instead the talk is about adam scott's epic collapse. the 42-year-old els had a strong day. he finished his final round with a two under. that put him at seven under for the championship. then the 32-year-old scott had a four-stroke lead with four holes to play. he bogeyed all of the last four holes. missing this putt on 18 which would have forced the playoff. scott collapses. els, your british open champion. the washington kastles secured the top spot in the world team tennis playoffs. they had their most lopsided win last night. they have 26 wins in a road. d.c. visiting new york tonight. the time right now is 6:24. still ahead this morning, why more teens are saying no thanks to getting a driver's license. >> plus, the latest on the crisis at the wilson building. new developments in the so-
6:25 am
called shadow campaign regarding mayor vincent gray's campaign. >> let's see how your commute in this morning. monika has a quick check on traffic. >> it's a bit slow but nothing we can't handle on the southbound side of i-270. looks like off and on route 80 to 121 till the pace picks up. all your lanes are open down to the point where the lanes divide. we'll be back after the break. you're watching 9news now.
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we are back at 6:29. the wart monument is in there somewhere. right smack in the summer of your screen. hazy start. 76 degrees. feels a lot more difficult to breathe out there than you might imagine because of all the humidity. >> it's gloomy out there but bright and cheery in here. welcome to monday. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein is back from vacation and out in the soup. >> the hug gis are back in a -- muggies are back in a big way. we're going to have a hotter day. we should get into some sunshine. we have the low clouds. another camera shot, this is also here in northwest d.c. looking off towards the east and southeast. lots of low clouds now but we're expecting some of that to mix with sunshine here, especially by midday. that will help boost temps into the upper 80s. this afternoon as we get into the low 90s, there will be that threat for a few showers and
6:30 am
storms. sprinkles overnight pushed through the region but there's more likely area or better area of showers coming from ohio and west virginia, more likely to hit areas in the shenandoah valley, the lower shenandoah toward harrisonburg, i-64 in richmond. around here doppler is quiet. sprinkles near dover, delaware this morning. temperatures anywhere from the mid-60s to the mid-70s on the bay. manassas 68. gaithersburg 71. la plata 73. we've got 75 at the pax river naval air station. i'll be back in a few minutes and talk interest some heat this week. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. no heat to worry about on the roads. nothing heating up. no problems to report. things are looking great i have to say on the northbound side of i-95 where you've just got a few brake lights in woodbridge and then as you leave newington about 46 miles an hour, really not too bad as you head into springfield. we'll take a live look at 395 on the northbound side. here's what it looks like at the 14th street bridge. you can see traffic is moving
6:31 am
very well across the potomac river. in fact, all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are incident free this morning. we'll go back out to the maps this time head over to the east side of town where if you're coming in on route 50 from annapolis, you're final. no problems on the bw parkway from the north in lawrm and also on -- laurel and also on 95 coming from baltimore. a live look at the beltway at new hampshire avenue, going to look like this on the outer loop heading westbound from the 95 interchange as you head for silver spring. i'll have more on traffic coming up once again at 6:43. >> the accused gunman in the colorado theater shooting is due in court later this morning. now we're learning a lot more about him. >> charlie rose with cbs this morning joins us live from new york with more on that part of the story. good morning to you, charlie. >> good morning, mike and jessica. ahead on cbs this morning, we're live from aurora, colorado with new details about the alleged shooter james holmes. former f.b.i. official john miller will be with us to talk about what the
6:32 am
f.b.i. found in holmes' apartment, including his laptop and hard drive and what we hope to learn about the suspect as he heads to court today. we'll also hear from one brave young girl and her efforts to save the life of the shooter's youngest victim. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> charlie, thank you. we'll be tuning into the community of aurora, colorado as they remember those who are killed and president obama tried to help as far as the healing. >> delia goncalves is live in our satellite center with that part of the story. good morning to you, delia. >> reporter: good morning, jessica, mike. president obama spent several hours meeting with family members and survivors at the hospital. he met with them privately and told us later that he was not meeting with them as a president but as a husband and a father. thousands gathered outside city hall for a memorial service and vigil to honor the 12 lives lost in the tragedy, including its youngest victim 6-year-old
6:33 am
veronica moser. alleged gunman james holmes reportedly prepared for months before storming into the theater wearing tactical equipment and armed with smoke bombs and several high powered weapons. he even told police about a booby trap with chemical bombs inside his apartment. president obama who visited with survivors tells a heroic story of a 21-year-old woman coming to the aid of her friend who was shot in the neck. >> as she dropped down on the floor, stephanie, 21 years old, had the presence of mind to drop down on the ground with her, pull her out of the aisle, place her fingers over where she -- where alabamaley had been -- where ally had been wounded and apply pressure the whole time the gunman was shooting. ally told stephanie she needed to run. stephanie refused to go and instead actually with her other hand called 911 on her cell
6:34 am
phone. >> our city will be stronger and greater because of our adversity. >> reporter: the last sound bite, the last man you heard from is the mayor of aurora, colorado. he is steve hogan. he's only been on the job for seven months. the governor says he admires his strength and his willpower, that he's been comforting the residents of that city who are now torn apart by this tragedy. suspected shooter james holmes will be in a colorado courtroom answering to the charges at 9:30 mountain time. jessica, back to you. >> thank you, delia. we love hearing the hero stories that comes out of these types of tragedies. delia goncalves live in our satellite center, this morning. there were several prayer vigils held sunday. the rainbow coalition is the group created by jesse jackson. they're calling on lawmakers around the nation to tackle the problem of gun violence. it wants the ban on assault
6:35 am
weapons reestablished as soon as possible. stay with 9news now for turning coverage of this tragedy. right now at, learn more about each of the 12 victims killed on friday. our andrea mccarren is following this story in colorado. in just a few hours, penn state is going to learn its penalty from the ncaa. the historic football program will be punished for its involvement in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. reports penn state will be hit with a fine of at least $30 million and it may go as high as $60 million. the money will go towards charity for children's causes. the football program is also going to be stripped of some of its scholarships and will likely be banned from any bowl games. a source tells cbs sports the penalties are going to be unlike anything that's been handed down and may last beyond one season. one day before the penalties to be announced, penn state removed the statue of the
6:36 am
late football coach joe paterno. the 900-pound bronze statue stood outside the penn state football stadium and crews removed it sunday morning putting it into secured storage. a report found the coach did not do everything he could after learning about the accusations about the sandusky abuse. paterno's family criticizes the decision and here's reaction of some of the people we caught up with here in d.c. on the national mall. >> he's an old manual. in his mind this wasn't a reasonable thought. a child being molested by a friend of his. >> if you know something, you have to do something, okay. that's my opinion. should the statue have come down? >> absolutely. >> paterno's name will remain on the library at the school. he donated millions of his own money to help get it built. 9news now has learned mayor vincent gray will be meeting privately with ward 5 democrats this week. they will be discussing his political future in the wake of the shadow campaign scandal.
6:37 am
"the washington post" reports the 2010 gray campaign had a database with the names of nearly 6,000 public housing residents. they were targeted in get out the vote efforts. the post says the database appears to be an unauthorized use of private government information. in a statement mayor gray says such information wasn't needed because of his already established contacts in the public housing community. a kings dominion roller coaster will be reopening soon but not until it undergoes some additional safety screenings. a guest riding the dominator roller coaster on friday was found unresponsive in the train station at the end of the ride. that person was transported to a nearby hospital and the ride was shut down for inspection. a park spokesman says the county inspectors didn't find any operational problems with the ride. the time right now is 6:37 on this monday morning. i'm watching your money. the amount of your money you spend on gas keeps inching up.
6:38 am
aaa reports regular grade gas in our region now averages $3.49 a gallon, up a penny from yesterday and up a dime in the last month. however, it's still 24 cents cheaper than gas this time last year. that jump in gas prices partially to blame for fewer tabliers wanting to get their driver's license, believe it or not. the university of michigan looked at 19-year-olds and whether they had a license n. 2010 just under 70 % of them did while back in 1983, more than 87% of teens had licenses. besides gas prices, the university report found the internet is to blame. with the web it's easier to stay in touch so you don't have to meet up in person. hotels rolling out the red carpet for teens and preteens. the omni hotels introduced a special teen cons verge who can chat -- concierge who can chat
6:39 am
with guests. the tysons corner marriott has a special american girl package that includes a doll, travel -- i know somebody in my life who would like that. hotels say happy kids make happy parents and that makes them loyal customers. >> 6:39. coming up in nine minutes, we'll help you surf the web more safely. >> we'll tell you about a new scam targeting you on-line and how to steer clear of it. >> the heat is coming back. howard says we'll have partly cloudy skies, high around 90 and will we have humidity to go with it. learn which day will be the hottest this week. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check.
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instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send... and their checks are deposited right to their account. well almost all of their checks. stand back. seriously? [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. welcome back to 9news now. it is 6:43 and 76 degrees. muggy monday morning. but luckily traffic is doing
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final. no problems to report on the inbound side of i-66. i do want to let you know about a water main break in arlington. this is going to be the situation for a while where south courthouse road is closed down between columbia pike and 6th street because the road buckled as well. it's going to take time for those repairs. here at the roosevelt bridge, no problems to report. you have a bit of slow traffic in falls church and outside the beltway as well, manassas into centreville. no problems coming in from southern maryland from brandywine, upper marlboro, andrews air force base, accokeek on route 210 heading over to oxon hill and the wilson bridge which is where we'll go live right now. you have a bit of slow traffic on the beltway as you leave the eisenhower connector but across the bridge span here, no problems to report. all lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic in virginia at 6:58. >> thanks a lot, monika. coming up on 6:45. big weather time now and howard bernstein is back from vacation. welcome. good to see you.
6:45 am
>> did i gain that much on the cruise? can't help it sometimes. it's there, it's free. weather wise let's see what's happening. we are going to see some sunshine mixing in. i know that's going to make you happy but with the sun the heat will be returning as well. highs into the low 90s this afternoon. we were 82 yesterday andology around 70 in spots on saturday but summer's back. we will see the threat for some storms also as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. right now we watched that one area of showers push through the metro on the north side. that's over toward delaware. to the west we have showers in ohio and west virginia tracking more towards charlottesville than d.c. temperatures low to mid-70s out there. easton is 70. 66 in cross junction. from steve up there. 73 in reedville. here in d.c. we've got low clouds out there. starting to break up a little bit about on our michael & son weather camera, mostly cloudy to overcast. 76 degrees with a south wind at
6:46 am
6. the humidity level 91%. a sticky, sticky morning. big heat. a lot better here than places like kansas city and st. louis where they'll be in the low 100s this afternoon. some of that heat is going to be flirting with us this week. we get a little bit of it the next couple of days but the high stuff, the high heat underneath this rirchl of high pressure, you see -- ridge of high pressure, you see the storms up and over idaho. quieter this morning. then we're watching this area from the north and west kind of try to stream in toward us. so there will be times over the next couple of days we'll have some storm chances. a break wednesday and then that heat. i think thursday it really builds in here. so today 93. got the yellow alerts for the afternoon storms today and tomorrow. those storms this afternoon, a couple of them into the evening hours. we drop into the 70s tonight. 90s again tomorrow but only 89 wedz. wednesday looks really --
6:47 am
wednesday. wednesday looks really like a delightful summer day. a hot thursday, 98. afternoon storms. friday also hot, 96. then back down to 89 by sunday. jess? >> thanks, howard. the time right now is 6:47. most of us know not to click on those e-mails that promise you thousands of dollars in exchange for your credit card numbers. >> but there's a new trick out there catching surfers. karen shows us how not to fall for it. >> reporter: by now most of us avoid clicking on links in shady looking e-mails. potential attempts to -- potential phishing attempts to gain private information. whether searching for news on a hot topic like celebrity topic or even something as mundane as a recipe, be careful where you click. that search result could be a tainted link. >> people are aware they should be careful when they're in their e-mail, what they click
6:48 am
on. that same level of awareness needs to be there when you're in a search engine or facebook or something. >> reporter: many companies and entities spend time and money pin parenting how to get their site to the top of the list of search results. that's called search engine optimizing. everybody engine pointing uses the same strategy for scamming. the major search engines are all on the look out for it but to keep your computer safe, keep your searches to trusted sites. when looking for news on a favorite celebrity, for example, stick to the established enter statement sites. avoid web address endings that don't look familiar. they could spell trouble and always keep antivirus and malware software up to date. >> that reminds me i can't remember the last time -- [ inaudible ] one of the best tools for fight malware is from a site called t. can do a scan of your computer in eight minutes and weed out some of those dangers
6:49 am
apps. the time 16:48. time to find out the ant -- is 6:48. time to find out the answer to ow question. there is a study in britain that say people look younger when they do which one of these things? is it whiten your teeth, b, smile, or c, exercise. >> the answer to the question is b, smile. >> you can do it. just smile. >> what do you think? a check of the news before you go is coming up next.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
6:52. very muggy this morning. we'll see temperatures by noon into the upper 80s. we will mix with some sunshine over the next couple of hours. highs in the low 90s. there could be some afternoon
6:53 am
and evening storms in a couple of spots. today's monday, july 23. a check ever the news before you go. the world's largest aids conference gets into full swing here in the district. more than 20,000 people are expected to attend. activists are calling for more government aid in the fight against h.i.v. and aids. d.c. has the highest h.i.v. infection rates in the nation. police need your help finding this manual. 73-year-old leander cooper was last seen in oxon hill, maryland. yesterday he was driving a chevy trailblazer. police say he has dementia and high blood pressure. if you know where he is, please call prince george's county police. ryan zimmerman, a pair of home runs against the braves yesterday. scored ross debt wyler. d.c. topped the atlanta braves 9-2. the nats split the weekend series and keep their three and a half game division lead. every day i comb through all the e-mails and websites to save you money.
6:54 am
here's a fun way to get fit. gilt city has a deal for bollywood style dance glasses. $39 for four classes or $57 for eight classes. it's a saving up to 53% off. work off the fitness of your car as well. amoco is offering this one $14 for an oil change that's normally a $30 value. you can find this on google offers. who doesn't like mel brooks? come on. >> it's good to be the king. >> you can get the nine-movie mel brooks collection on blu ray. we're talking classics, baseball, blazing saddles. right now 28.99. that is a 64% savings and that is today's gold bronx price on >> gold brons price on one more check of traffic and weather right after this. keep it here on 9news now.
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one more thing before we go. did you know some of the best teachers in the whole country are right here in the district and in maryland and virginia? well, tonight you're going to get a chance to see a lot of them. we have an encore presentation of our cool schools. check out some of the best teachers around and put on your dvr if you're not going to be around. 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> that's very cool. hopefully it won't be as muggy by 9:00 p.m. very sticky out there this morning. it's going to be a hot day. yesterday 82. today about 93. a couple of storms, the threat, this afternoon and evening. 90s tomorrow with afternoon storms. wednesday looks great and even hotter by thursday. monika? we got through the main part of the rush hour without
6:59 am
any accidents. wow. northbound 95 just a bit of slow traffic. i know, shh, keep your fingers crossed. we'll go to the north side of town outer loop slows 95 to georgia area. that's it. as for wall street we're looking at a sell-off potentially this morning. right now futures predicting we could see a hundred points or more off of the dow at the opening bell. cbs this morning is next. we'll have the latest on the shootings in colorado and talk with one of the two and a half men. we're talking emmy winner. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. be sure to get updates on news, weather and traffic by visiting us try to stay cool. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. have a great day, everybody.

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